Clearly I am much better at reading and blogging about it than I am at meditating and blogging about it. However, in my new world as supervisor of graduate student therapists in training, I am trying to reform. My students will be taking a course covering 4 approaches to psychotherapy this term, and one of them is mindfulness-based therapy. They are about to become meditators in a big way for at least 15 weeks. I am hoping that I will do better with the blog in this context. I wanted to start by sharing a few sites and apps that my students will be using in their journey. Since they are broke grad students, I wanted to minimize the expense to them, or at least keep it sane, so I have sought out some free audio to guide their daily practice, and some free apps for them to use if they want. I will be working along with them and trying to find time to share the journey with my blog readers.

The first site I wanted to share with you is a resource for the free audio. There are a variety of types of meditation audio files available there, including body scans, sitting meditations, guided imagery, and timed silent meditations with bells at various intervals.

Another way to get the bells, if you want them, is to download an app. This is the one I have on my phone. I keep reminding myself that it really does work as well as the pricey bells and bowls you can also purchase, and it is much easier to keep with you.

I also like things that help me be mindful throughout the day. I have just downloaded this app, which give you a new mindful awareness challenge each day, and allows you to schedule reminders and also to post to social networks if you want. I will let you know how it goes. Today’s challenge is simply to stop and focus on the experience of existing, and trying to separate that from the narrative about oneself and one’s life.

See you soon? Hopefully!


About Beth Parks Aronson

I am Associate Professor of Psychology at Lamar University. Previously, I was a psychologist in private practice in Jenkintown, PA where I specialized in anxiety disorders and working with people living with chronic and life-threatening illnesses. I am a little addicted to good literature. Ok, a lot addicted.
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