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“Watch Your Friends”

That’s today’s challenge on my mindful awareness app. But it’s not a paranoid “watch your friends,” it’s a re-see your friends. The challenge is worded “Today, look at your friends like you are seeing them for the very first time. … Continue reading

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Clearly I am much better at reading and blogging about it than I am at meditating and blogging about it. However, in my new world as supervisor of graduate student therapists in training, I am trying to reform. My students … Continue reading

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Belated update

So apparently doing the homework for class is taking time away from blogging! I thought I would finally sit down and update this with my reflections so far. Things I have discovered: 1) I’m not very physically tense most of … Continue reading

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Class Day 1

Tonight we started our class. I’ve been really excited about it since I registered a few weeks ago, but as the time approached, little waves of ambivalence started to wash over me. I started to really get that I had … Continue reading

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How to quieten down the mind | Mindfulbalance Blog

I am borrowing today’s post from a mindfulness blog that I have found and love.  I think that I will need to use this post and re-read several times to let it sink in. It seems the essence of meditation. … Continue reading

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Looking outward (via Mindfulbalance Blog)

As I begin this journey, I’ve looked around for others blogging on the topic. I found a blog by a mindfulness trainer named Karl Duffy. This is one of today’s posts, which I really like. Each time we reach out … Continue reading

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So the logical question about my journey is “Why?” What motivates me to commit substantial time and money to getting 8 weeks of relatively intensive training (there will be homework of meditating for a lengthy stretch daily, I think) in … Continue reading

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Reflections on a journey

At the end of this month, I will begin a course in Mindfulness Meditation Training.  It is something I have wanted to do for a very long time, and I am finally finding a way to make the logistics work. … Continue reading

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